23rd of April is World Book Day 2021!

“I know that I smelled a jasmine in childhood one afternoon, and the afternoon did not exist”

(Francisco Brines, Cervantes Prize 2020) is the verse on the poster of the book day 2021.

The World Book Day is celebrated on 23rd April because on the same date, 23.April 1616, coincidentally, Cervantes and Shakespeare, two of the great figures of world literature, died.
It has been celebrated since 1995 and Madrid was no less than the first World Book Capital.

The 23rd of April is a Friday and so a day to take it easy and enjoy strolling around the streets of Madrid.
Rent a bike in our Trixi shop and visit the different places where you can buy books, like the permanent book market “Cuesta de Moyano” (next to Real Jardin Botánico) or Gran Vía which is 2 minutes away from our Trixi bike shop (www.trixi.com).

There are also many activities for everyone in many districts.

Don’t miss the XXV Virtual Reading of Don Quixote (from 13:00 h on Friday 23 April)

A book is a dream you hold in your hands….

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