Price Circus Madrid: Teatro Circo Price
Circus Price in Madrid.

Price Circus Madrid

Let’s celebrate the magic and illusion of the circus!

Let’s see, there are days for everything, Adn’s day (??), book day, fun day at work…really? ¡Come on!! ¡More than nerdy!

But we didn’t want to miss the Circus Day on 17th April, a theme that in these times brings joy to young and old and allows us to escape and enter a world of dreams and magic. A good opportunity to introduce you to the emblematic Circo Price in Madrid.

“Price”, doesn’t sound very Spanish, does it? ….

To know the history of this circus you have to go back to the 19th century!

Thomas Price, an Irish horse tamer, who belonged to an old lineage of acrobats and who had settled in Madrid since 1858, began to offer performances in his barracks near the old Puerta de Alcalá bullring, where famous acrobatic troupes used to perform. The good reception by the public led Price to set up his own circus.

Thus, in 1868, in a Madrid in turmoil due to population growth and the wide range of leisure and cultural activities on offer, the First Circus Price was built by the architect Pedro Vidal. It was made of wood and had a central ring. It was located on the site of an old garden on Paseo de Recoletos, on what would today be the corner of Calle Bárbara de Braganza.

It was such a success that in 1879 the project for a new, better equipped Circus Price, capable of hosting the most spectacular performances, took shape. By this time Thomas Price had passed away, and it was his son-in-law, the equestrian trainer William Parish, who took charge of the new circus.
The circus offered a variety of performances of all kinds, such as singing, dancing, theatre, dance and much more.

On 12th April 1970 the second Price gave its last performance. The public and the artistic scene received this news with dismay.

In the following decades, the need to recover the Price became evident.

The stable circus of Madrid began its journey by decision of the Madrid City Council in 1999. Three objectives converged in the project: the rehabilitation of the Lavapiés neighbourhood, the creation of a new cultural facility and the safeguarding of the architectural heritage of the Ronda de Atocha (only 5-10 minutes by bike from our bike rental shop Trixi.

The construction of the new Teatro Circus Price started in 2002, according to the project of the architect Mariano Bayón. The total investment of more than 25,000,000 by the Madrid City Council provided the city with a unique stage space, and incorporated it into the network of European capitals that also have their own stable circuses.

Finally, at Christmas 2006, the new Teatro Circo opened for the first time to the public for a few weeks with a circus show and an exhibition. The official opening took place a few months later in March 2007.

Today the Circus Prices offers a variety of sustainable and respectful activities such as concerts, theatre, dance and more current projects such as workshops to learn circus, educational workshops, exhibitions and talks. Check the available programme

It’s a really worthwhile visit, both for adults and children.

Don’t miss it and come and dream!

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