Buy purple rain next to our Trixi shop at “La Violeta” in Madrid

La Violeta

In contrast to this melancholic song by Prince, “La Violeta” has been sweetening the world with its purple sweets for more than 105 years.
This shop is very near to our Trixi bike shop and as we write the blog we get to know more and more hidden corners of this vibrant city that is Madrid. We would like to share these discoveries with you.

La Violeta is a family business that was established in 1915

La Violeta is a family business that was established in 1915 by the couple “Gil” and it is located in Plaza de Canalejas 6, in Madrid.
Since then, the shop has kept the same essence of the traditional business in the third generation.

What was originally a “patisserie” called “The dessert”, was converted by the grandfather of the people who run the business today into a shop that offers sweets, chocolates, candied fruit, presents and much more. They also prepare those typical sweets that are given to the guests in Spain when there is a christening, communion or wedding.

The stars of the shop are still the violet drops and candied violet flowers.

The colour also dominates in the packaging, the ribbons and even in their website. In the meantime, of course, they have opened to many more colours and products.

La Violeta is one of those shops where you stand outside and simply enjoy the beauty of their shop window with all the nice glass and porcelain gift arrangements with the sweets and start to think who you could bring them as a souvenir from Madrid. Or just why not give you a little treat yourself!!
You just want to have an excuse to go inside and feel the atmosphere that the wood and the glass have been transmitting for so long.

Many famous people have been in the same place as you: the nobel prize for literature Jacinto Benavente, the queen Victoria Eugenia or the president of Nicaragua Violeta Chamorro – who still ordered them online afterwards…may be the fact that she was also called Violet had something to do with it? This way she could create a really very personal present.

Then and today, the “Gil family” prouds itself of a great service, always maintaining the quality and authenticity of their products. If you cannot wait to try the sweets just visit:

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