Déclaration Trixi concernant le coronavirus (COVID-19)

16th of June 2020, 00:24 h We’re back And we can’t wait to see you again because you are the protagonists of Trixi.com’s history, and your trust is the most important thing. We have reopened our doors with a series of new preventive measures of security and hygiene. Our team complies with all the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization: Mask and gloves for the barrier effect. All hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation measures are carried out. A protocol designed specifically for this situation is followed in order to preserve everyone’s health. Protective screens have been installed in reception to avoid direct contact between reception

Votre personnel conseille-t-il aux clients de connaître le code de la route et en particulier les "règles supplémentaires pour les cyclistes" ?

Yes – of course we do advise our customers and inform them about special rules for cyclists. Madrid’s cycling law is called Ordenanza de Movilidad Sostenible, or translated to English, sustainable mobility ordinance. It was approved by the council of Madrid 5 October 2018. This law introduced several changes in all the city of Madrid, some of them modifying the previous status of the bicycle. The most important changes were: Bicyclists must ride in the middle of the lane. Before, bicyclists may ride in the middle of the lane. Bicyclists are allowed to travel in the opposite direction of the other traffic in living streets. Bicyclists may use whichever lane

En cas de panne, fournissez-vous : Pompe, couteau de poche, kit de réparation de pneus, outil à chaîne, petite clé et pince ?

During a guided bike tour our team member will usually be able to fix the bike. In case the guide cannot repair the bike quickly our staff from the shop will try to bring a new bike in less than 15 minutes. Rental: We offer optionally a “Repair Kit”. These kits include a pump and puncture repair kit, plus allen keys and tools to make adjustments – but our bikes are also equipped with anti-puncture tires – a system that avoids most of the time the biggest problem: The punctures! A puncture occassionally happens and it’s something out of our control.  The customer can call us and we will look

Les vélos sont-ils équipés de feux rouges blancs à l'avant et à l'arrière, de réflecteurs rouges à l'arrière et de réflecteurs orange sur les pédales ?

Yes – our bikes are equipped with white front and rear red lights and rear red reflectors plus amber pedal reflectors The use of lights for night riding is generally recommended or required by authorities as a basic safety measure, even in a well-lit urban context.

Toutes les réparations effectuées sur les vélos sont-elles consignées ?

We keep our maintenance records centralised for each bike in a “Maintenance Book” and record manually the whole service and repair history for each asset. This way we keep a record for our liability insurance.

Disposez-vous d'un système de signalement et de rectification des défauts ?

Oui - nous disposons d'un système manuel de "Signalement et rectification des erreurs".

Les vélos et l'équipement font-ils l'objet d'un entretien et de contrôles réguliers ? À quelle fréquence ?

Nous effectuons toujours un "contrôle de sécurité préalable" lorsque nous faisons une excursion à vélo ou une location. Nous vérifions la pression des pneus, les attaches rapides des roues, les freins, les roues, les manivelles et les pédales, la potence et le jeu de direction ainsi que la chaîne. Nous effectuons régulièrement un contrôle approfondi complet du vélo toutes les six semaines.

Les vélos et l'équipement utilisés ont-ils moins de 5 ans et sont-ils adaptés à leur utilisation/terrain ?

Yes. All of our bikes are less then 5 years old. We do a complete fleet replacement every 4 years and sell our old bikes on second hand markets. In all the services we offer, our goal is to provide the highest quality both in the product and customer service. To achieve this goal, we renew our fleet of bicycles every 4 years always renting the latest generation models. Our goal is ensuring that our customers have a worry-free route.

Fournissez-vous des casques de vélo et assurez-vous qu'ils sont de la bonne taille et solidement fixés ?

Yes. We provide cycle helmets and ensure they are the correct size and securely fastened. Note: Helmets are not obliged by law but we recommend and offer them anyway. Our customers don’t need to wear a helmet in Madrid if they are in an urban area. Only cyclists up to 16 years of age are obliged to wear a helmet at all times

Vérifiez-vous le niveau de compétence des clients sur le vélo ?

Urban cycling is an easy activity. 99,9% of all customers know how to cycle in an urban environment. Who rents a bike or books a bike tour usually knows how to pedal, brake and steer. Of course: If at the beginning of one of our tours a guide notices  that a customer has difficulties to ride a bike in a safe way we would take action.