Video: Merry Christmas And A Happy 2021 From The Trixi Team Madrid
Doña Manolita

Before the year ends we would like to share with you one of the most popular events in Spain that takes place just before Christmas: “El Gordo” (“the fat one”), the great Christmas lottery on the 22nd of December.

What is so special about this lottery? It is time to celebrate, to share with friends and families, to hope and to take a rest from the hard year.

For this reason people try their chance and want to participate. They either buy a full set of 10 lottery tickets for 200 € or just one for 20 €, called “a décimo”. The matter is to participate and to give it to someone special as a present….they say you have more luck if you get it gifted.

The most famous lottery shop in in Spain is called “Doña Manolita”, it is strategically located near the center of Madrid, the Puerta del Sol, close to the Trixi shop. Everybody wants to have a ticket from there, the queues are huge and you can even buy them online.

We are sure you have seen in the news about Spain how people celebrate and shower each other with champagne when they win! This is because with a whole set of 10 tickets you can win up to 4.000.000 €.

We have prepared for you this little video about the Christmas lottery in Madrid and with this we would like to thank you for being there and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes from all! Keep healthy!

Everything will be fine!

Adiós y hasta pronto
Your Trixi Team