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The history of Trixi started more than 20 years ago on a trip to Berlin that marked our future. Berlin was a cutting-edge place whith new vehicles like pedicabs  and other interesting vehicles on the streets.

We, Eva and Gerald, decided to give cycles and wheels a go and were the pioneers in Spain and the whole of Southern Europe in introducing biketaxis / rickshaws as a way of transport and for touristical tours in Barcelona. In 1999 we founded the Trixi (from Tri-cycle ta-xi ) company and showed thousands of locals and visitors from other countries the beauty of Barcelona.

Michal was one of the drivers (we call ourselves “Trixistas”) and 2007 he and his wife Maria came on board as partners as we opened our Trixi Madrid bike and walking tours shop.

We were the first company to offer daily tours as well as specialised tours like Tapas& Markets tour, Real Madrid tour, a tour in the parks etc.

We offer multilingual tours for individuals, groups, students, schools and companies.

Our team


Eva Maria Rossel - - Sales Director

Eva Mª Rossel
(Sales Director)

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian

Eva was born in Germany but spent her childhood in Mexico where she grew up and learnt Spanish. Her family came back to Germany and she went to school there. When she finished her studies (Business Administration in Germany and an MBA in the UK) she looked for an international job in Marketing/Management and started working in a multinational textile company. This was the starting point for an international expatriate life where she got to know the different company areas but more than that could dip into some very different cultures: UK, Australia, Russia, Turkey and finally Spain to which she lost her heart.

When she came back to Spain she initially was based in Barcelona and worked for other Spanish companies but soon came to the conclusion that her spirit wasn´t compatible any more with working for others. She soon created with her partner Gerald the bike taxi company Trixi in Barcelona, the first company to implement a bike taxi service in Southern Europe. After a few years of being established in Barcelona they expanded to Madrid in 2007 where they opened the bike tours and bike rental company Trixi in Madrid. And here we are…

Maria Dulas - Co-Founder & Operations Manager, Madrid

Maria Teresa Dulas
(Operations Manager)

Languages: English, Spanish, Polish
Maria was born and grew up in Poland. After finishing her philosophy studies she had the strong wish to experience something new, like for example living in different parts of world. Her first choice was Holland. Maria stayed in Amsterdam for a few years and since then she fell not only in love with the city and with living abroad but also with moving by bike in every city she stays.

In 2004 she moved to Barcelona with the idea of trying out how it is to live in the South of Europe. She liked the “Spanish way of Live” so much that she could never take the decision to move back to the North. In 2007 she had the opportunity to go to Madrid with her friend to open the second shop of Trixi in Spain, this time dedicated to bike tours and bike rental. This was a very big challenge in the beginning as the capital wasn’t used to bikes or bike lanes and the bike culture had to be created from scratch.

Maria still feels good in Madrid together with her husband Michal and, in the meantime, she has had 2 children “Madrileños” and is happy to see the Trixi Madrid bike project grow and be part of it.

Michal Zasowski

Michal Zasowski
(General Manager)

Languages: English, Spanish, Polish
Michal knocked at the door of Trixi bike taxis in Barcelona in 2005. His attitude and self confidence allowed him to pass the famous “nails challenge” with the bike taxi and this way he won the hearts of Eva and Gerald. He was welcomed to join a multicultural team of riders called ” Trixistas” where the time spent was a real pleasure marked by friendships, empathy and interesting events. This was the Trixi Barcelona way of life during 3 seasons until Gerald and Eva asked him and his friend Maria to go to Madrid in 2007 to open a bike tours and bike rental shop in the heart of the capital.

Michal and Maria became partners in this business adventure. Since then they have been running the shop with never ending enthusiasm and lively spirit. Michal is Trixi record holder for adjusting saddles, reparing punctures, bike rentals, organising tours etc. by always keeping a good mood.

Gerald Caspari, Co-Founder of

Gerald Caspari
(Business Development)

Languages: English, German, Spanish
If Gerald, a guy with a relatively normal life in Germany had known what the future brings to him, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Originally working for the local government and then been sent to the East of Germany to help during the unification of Germany, he met Eva on one of her business trips and this marked his destiny. He came to Barcelona and he did not even have the time to adapt as the next destinations waited. Eva & Gerald went together 2 years to Moscow (Russia) and 6 month to Istanbul (Turkey). But Spain was so attractive that they managed to get back. The idea to set up a bike taxi company in Barcelona came when they saw them in Berlin. Now Gerald counts 17 years of Trixi bike taxis in Barcelona and almost 15 in Trixi Madrid bike tours and bike rental.

Very well known for his humour and optimism, he is the person with the most strategic view in the company. He also looks after new business opportunities, our website and all the technical stuff we have.

Tour guide Luis - About Trixi Madrid Bike Tours

(Tour Guide)

Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch
Luis started working for Trixi a long time ago after he said goodbye to the stroopwafels and hagelslag, and traded them for the tapas and (especially) Spanish wines. Because our Spanish Luis grew up in the Netherlands he speaks perfect Dutch. He has the temperament and the friendliness so typical of Spain though, and has an incredible sense of humor.

No one ever came back from a tour with Luis without cracking up at least a few times. Because he is a Madrileño, but also a bit Dutch he’s your perfect guide in this city. There’s no better way to see Madrid.

Job, Tour guide

(Tour Guide)

Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch
In 2010, in pursuit of music and happiness, Job traded The Netherlands for Spain. He combines his musical existence with guiding for Trixi. He has been with us for several years now; to our satisfaction and that of many, many of our clients. With his kind and easy going character, and with his broad interest in Madrid’s cultural scene he’s your perfect guide to everything this vibrant city has to offer.

Our Team

Our guides

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Punjabi, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Russian.
Of course we cannot list here all the fantastic and enthusiastic guides who work with us; there are many freelance guides and guides we hire especially in high season, mechanics and other people who are part of the Trixi Team.

The most important thing is that we can service all sorts of tours for our clients, be it private tours or groups tours, be it for adults or students, in many languages like for example English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish.

We are looking forward to see you soon!

Customer reviews


“Great bike tour”

1 MARCH 2020

El mejor tour de bici que he participado. Kris nuestro guía, fue excelente, pregunte por el. Le dará un tour diferente, muy interesante. El tramo es muy bueno y fácil de hacer. Yo recomiendo este tour.

Gabriel Malave

“Excelente servicio 100% recomendado”

4 MARCH 2020

Estuve 1 día en Madrid y quería visitar lo mas posible, alquile una bicicleta en Trixi y la experiencia fue espectacular. Algunos puntos importantes: el local está súper bien ubicado a metros de la Gran Vía…

Adan A

“Buenas bicis y económico!”

9 MARCH 2020

Alquilamos unas bicicletas con mi hermano por toda una tarde. El servicio fue excelente y las bicicletas estaban buenísimas.

Agustín C


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