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The Trixi

Official approval by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology

Trixi is the first cycle with assisted pedal system in Spain. Trixi is not considered a vehicle with a motor (in this case the motor is needed to start the vehicle like cars, busses etc.) and does therefore not need a registration (source: Home Office – General Management for Traffic).

A tricycle with an electric motor
Trixi has a little electric motor that does not substitute the pedalling action of the Trixist but that helps him in special occasions as, for example, at the start, after having stopped or when going uphill.
The operation of the motor is voluntary, so that the driver can decide whether to use it or not. When arriving at a speed of 11km/h the motor disconnects automatically as it understands that at this speed there is no need for any help.

Technical Data Sheet

1+2 = 3 , one Trixista + two passengers
Total weight of the Trixi: 140kg
Total length: 307 cm
Total width: 110cm
Total height: 179cm

Electric Motor: 250W
21 speed gears
hydraulic brakes
2 Front lights
2 Back lights
2 Back indicators

Trixi – a matchless concept
The most successful vehicle family in its category is growing rapidly. Trixis, as they are known around the world today, have been around since 1997. The vehicle platform is continually improved upon and developed into the next generation of muscle powered worktrikes. In close cooperation with our industry and design partners we continue to hold and even expand our healthy margin on the competition. Our broad and deep base of know how and experience in operations, contruction, maintenance and production is growing daily and unmatched in the industry. The clear commitment to stability and quality have earned the robust vehicles a brilliant reputation with drivers, passengers, advertising partners and operaters.

As a little teaser, here is an overview of the aspects we focus on right now in development:

*Modular System: The goal is to provide a modular system that adapts rapidly to market condition or circumstances like weather or demand. To ensure this, the vehicles of the next generation will employ a design that is based on use-situations and will be customizeable in a few minutes. For example, to change an Icecream-Sales Trixi into a Newspaper-Delivery Trixi should take only one person and 2 minutes of work.

Efficiency: lighter, more stable, faster and: more advertising space and a stronger support-engine for permanent heavy duty use. More efficient in operations and effect, longer maintenance intervals and an extemely stylish design. Everything is improved upon a little.

This evolution takes the Trixis right to its desired place to offer a comprehensive Allround solution for eny urban situation involving Transport, Sales or Communication.

Stable basis for traveling comfort
The specially developed steel framework unites stability and traveling comfort. All components are arranged concisely and maintenance friendly. Special care was taken in the installation of a firm connection between cab and chassis that is nevertheless convenient to disassemble. This way the vehicle can be transported without problem, by being divided into its main components, namely the cab, chassis and rear panel.

Innovative and aerodynamic design
The driver, two passengers, and their accompanied luggage (lightweight) will have ample space in the aerodynamically formed cab. The cab is manufactured according to a centrifugal rotation procedure and consists of 100% recyclable polyethylene. The standard color is white. Depending on the business colors of the customer, other colors can also be selected. Being a mobile advertising medium, the cab can be pasted with film completely

Everyday convenience and maintenance friendly
The “City Cruiser” (Trixi) is tailor-made up to the finest detail: an ergonomic half reclining seat allows for effective power transmission. The 21-gear shift transfers the pressure onto the pedal of the back wheels´ differential gear unit. A contrived steering system enables an extremely small turning radius of the 305 centimeters long “City Cruiser” (Trixi). Hydraulically strengthened disc brakes offer optimal security on the road. A durable textile partition, the seat upholstery and the roof fastened entrance aid offer optimal traveling comfort.

Power and innovation
Trixi are powered by muscular strength. With start-ups and long distances the driver is supported by an electrical engine which is integrated into the front axle. The engine can be regulated by a rotary handle, and automatically switches itself off at the speed of 11 kilometers per hour. The engine, headlights, indicators, and rear lights of the “City Cruiser” (Trixi) are energized by two rechargeable 12 Volt batteries.

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